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Our Classes

For Parents

Our classes teach Shaolin Kenpo (a modern adaption of Chinese Kung Fu and Japanese Karate).  It is a style adaptable to all body types and fitness levels. Your child will learn the fundamentals of self-defense in a positive, disciplined, and enjoyable atmosphere.


The format of each class varies considerably to keep students motivated and focused. Classes include warm-up with endurance and strengthening exercises, followed by stretching, karate basics, and a focus activity of the day. Teamwork and leadership skills are developed through group activities. Games are utilized to develop mental and physical skills while giving students an appropriate outlet for their energies.  We emphasize fun and safe activities that instill a respect for the art and the desire to progress.


Students receive their uniform and belt with the registration fee.  Belt rank tests are held at the end of each session, providing students with goals to work towards and recognition of their accomplishments.

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Karate-X has been teaching Martial Arts classes in preschools and elementary schools in the Puget Sound for 19 years.  Our program is specifically designed for kids to develop the whole person, mentally and physically, resulting in greater self-confidence and self-discipline.  Each class is dynamic, focused and tons of fun, with awesome instructors who know how to motivate kids!

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